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Facelift For Bavarian Police Force BMW Vehicles

For the better part of 20 years, Bavarian police cars were manufactured with silver BMW 3 series vehicles. Prior to the silver color scheme, these vehicles sported a white base coat. Recently, the Bavarian government has decided to revamp their BMW police vehicles in terms of a color scheme. The new color scheme draws inspiration from the nostalgic white base coat used prior to 2003.  Modeled after their previously utilized retro white, blue, and yellow color scheme, new Bavarian BMW police vehicles have gone back to their roots by shedding the apparently outdated silver and green paint job. All new Bavarian police vehicle will be manufactured from BMW 3 Series Touring models with the new color scheme. This shift comes primarily from BMW's discontinuation of the Glacier Silver base color for the 3 series, but a higher resale value for white vehicles might also be a variable.  In contrast to the prior white Bavarian police BMWs, the new vehicles will be manufactured with a Mineral W
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2022 BMW X5 M Render Revealed

Based on recent spy photos of the new 2022 BMW X5 M model, a concept artist has rendered a very realistic, and potentially accurate, rendition of the vehicle changes. Although the exterior changes are minor compared to the 2021 model, the rendering shows updated headlights, a redesigned lower front end, and an added lip on the competition model.  In comparison, the majority of changes are reserved for the interior of the vehicle, and these updates include larger screens and a seamless curvature inspired design. No engine upgrades or modifications are expected, but several tech upgrades will certainly be showcased in the near future.  We look forward to the official reveal from BMW within the next few months. In the mean time, the concept render should satisfy your visual taste buds. If you need any parts or accessories for your BMW or MINI vehicles, visit the BMW Discount Parts online BMW Parts Catalog  for everything from genuine BMW brake pads  to OEM BMW shift knobs  all at excellen

BMW Research Group Showcases Their Creative Electronic Scooter & Cargo Bike Concepts

Recently, the BMW Research Group unveiled two concepts to the general public which include their electronically powered cargo bike and scooter. More specifically defined as being powered by electro-mobility, both concept vehicles are designed with future sustainability in mind: In response to overcrowding in cities world wide, these machines look to solve a piece of the transportation puzzle. First, the Clever Commute is essentially a highly refined electronic scooter designed for year-round use with safety and functionality at the forefront of design. Additionally, the folding design makes storage simple and effective. Second is the Dynamic Cargo which is a three-wheeled cargo bike designed to be an improvement of functionality and safety in comparison to existing two-wheeled options. Additionally, the powertrain is activated when a rider pedals, so the workload will be more efficient than similar non-electronic applications. Although there is no definite release date on either concep

BMW iDrive 8 Infotainment System Revealed!

Originally, BMW developed the Infotainment system in 2001 for use in their 7th generation E65 vehicles. Now a mainstream feature in various make and model vehicles, credit is surely due to BMW for this evolutionary leap.  As time progressed, BMW refined their Infotainment system with every reiteration. Subsequently, BMW's Infotainment system was a leader in the industry for many years. However, the iDrive 7 Infotainment technology was slowly surpassed by similar technology from various competitors. Now, BMW has revealed their latest itineration of their Infotainment system, the iDrive 8. Scheduled to be released as a mainstay component of the iX model and i4 vehicles, the new system boats major improvements to various features such as voice recognition and artificial intelligence capabilities.   Other features include the cloud-based BMW ID, which tailors vehicle recommendations to each specific driver, and a three LCD screen display. For a full breakdown on all features of the BMW

Comments On Our Mobile Communication Methods

Although our affiliates are primarily involved the the automotive industry, more specifically; BMW, we wanted to make a quick post in regards to our mobile communication methods. During our communication efforts, we have primarily used text messages to reach our opted-in audience, but we have begun to test out a less invasive form of mobile communication called ringless voicemail. If you are interested in learning more about this technology, check out the How Does Ringless Voicemail Work blogpost. Because some of our audience will receive text messages from use while the rest will receive ringless voicemails, we would love to hear your feedback on which method you prefer and why. Also, we wanted to give a quick shoutout to the folks at My Ringless Voicemail for genuinely providing a quality service from start to finish! Finally, we have begun to revitalize our blog, so you can expect some quality BMW related content in the coming days, weeks, and months! Thank you to our visitors, an

BMW Unveils New Brand Logo

With every successive geneartion, BMW has updated their brand in the form af a new logo which represents current, and projected, ideals of the company. As of today, BMW has unveiled their latest rendition of their brand logo. As pictured below, the updated BMW logo represents the current generation. According to Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President of the BMW Customer Brand, this updated logo is representative of a younger generation who are digital natives. Additionally, Thiemer stated this update also represents brand mobility and the joy of driving in the future. In addition to an updated BMW logo, the "i" and "M" sub-brand also received their latest renditions which reflect similar ideals as mentioned previously. You can check out the updated renditions below! As with any major design change, whether its a vehicle body style or a brand logo, varying opinions will reflect a wide range of attitudes towards the update. In this case, whether you are a fa

BMW Plans for 10 New Models in Two Years

Based on direction from the new president of BMW M, Markus Flasch, information regarding ten new vehicle models was recently unveiled. According to Flasch, the new models will be from both the M and M Performance vehicle families. The next vehicle scheduled to be unveiled is the 2020 BMW M2 CS which will be revealed very soon. Additionally, the previously unveiled BMW M8 Coupe will be available at dealerships early next year in both Convertible and Gran Coupe models. The previously mentioned vehicles are only a small selection of planned new releases. For a complete breakdown of what to expect in the next two years, we have compiled a list of all of the new BMW M model vehicles scheduled for production in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, the following new/upgraded BMW M model vehicles are scheduled for release. M2 CS M5 M8 Coupe, Convertible, & Gran Coupe X5 M X6 M M235i Gran Coupe M440i Coupe & Convertible M550i In 2021, the following new/upgraded BMW M model