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BMW Unveils Concept X7 iPerformance

Yesterday during the 2017 IAA car show in Frankfurt Germany BMW unveiled the concept X7 with iPerformance. The iPerfomance badge signifies BMW's twin turbo hybrid engine system which is equiped with edrive. The X7 seats up to 6 people and features a stunning interior equipped with a 12.3 inch HUD console. The X7 is an elegant blend of luxury and style.

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BMW Makes Plans to Mass Produce Electric Vehicles by 2025

BMW's Chief Executive Harald Krueger issued a statement to the Munich press which announced "by 2025, we (BMW) will offer twenty-five electrified vehicles. Twelve will be fully-electric."

This move appears to be both an economical and environmental decision by BMW who seeks to capitalize on the exponentially expanding electric-vehicle market while simultaneously complying with the growing trend towards stricter diesel laws.

Next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show BMW is set to unveil several updates to their electric vehicle line including i3 which received a performance boost, the i5, and the i8.

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