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How To Use Launch Control on BMW M-Series Vehicles has posted an excellent video tutorial for properly using the launch control feature on M series BMW vehicles. Check out the video below:

The first step is to warm up your vehicle. After a warm up lap or two, you can proceed to the second step which is to turn DSC off. Once DSC has been disabled, you need to switch the car from automatic into manual. Its also important to speed up the gearbox by switching drive logic to level three.

Now you are ready to launch. With your left foot, press firmly (pedal to the floor) on the brake, and keep your foot firmly pressed. With the brake firmly pressed, apply full throttle with the right foot on the gas pedal to generate kick-down. This activates launch control, and a checkered flag will appear on the instrument cluster to verify it has been activated. You can then adjust the RPM by using the cruise control lever. The optimal RPM setting is between 3 to 3.5 thousand revolutions per minute. Now for the fun part: Keep your foot on the g…