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BMW X7 Revealed

When customer demand influences company supply, you witness innovations that fill niches such as is the case with BMW's X7. The BMW X7 fills the gap in the full size sport utility vehicle category. The X7 features 3 full  rows of seating which can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers. The X7 captures the essence of the BMW signature style, and the beautifully crafted interior inspires drivers with luxurious overtones. The X7 will feature two engine options featuring either 335 or 456 horsepower, and a diesel option will be a Europe only addition. Prices for the BMW X7 start at around $75,000.

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MINI Cooper S GT Revealed

Recently, MINI revealed a Cooper S GT limited edition model vehicle for their connoisseurs located in France. The vehicle is a throw back to the unique model 1275 GT which was in production between the late 1960's and 1980. MINI will only build 150 of these vehicles, so collectors and connoisseurs alike are already in line to purchase one of these rarities. The exterior, including color scheme, are universal across all 150 vehicles, but MINI has incorporated their 3D printing option as a way for buyers to uniquely customize the interior of the vehicle. The price to obtain the Cooper S GT from MINI is around $42,000.

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