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BMW Vision iNEXT Concept Vehicle Revealed

After a recent online leak of the Vision iNEXT concept vehicle, BMW has officially revealed the next generation electric vehicle described as the company's "building blocks for the future." The futuristic concept is designed around fundamental changes to the driving experience that are afforded by autonomous driving systems. In other words, with autonomous driving clearly on the horizon, BMW has focused their efforts to enhancing the personal space of the vehicle "as a mobile environment that enhances quality of life."

The iNEXT is designed to be a fully autonomous vehicle, but driver's can take control at any time if they desire, so those who enjoy the experience of piloting their vehicle have the ability to do so. The vehicle sports a crossover design with several next-gen features including a 3-part technology based system, an enormous sunroof, and an interior that resembles the dichotomy of a futuristic take on retro styling. The technology system is divided into three distinct pieces; Intelligent Personal Assistant (BMW's version of SIRI), Intelligent Materials (technologically adaptive interior) and Intelligent Beam (next-gen interior projection system).

Although the BMW Vision iNEXT is still in the concept stages of production, a 2021 release is currently scheduled.

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